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The Suzuki approach is based upon how language skills are learned and developed.   It begins with shaping and nurturing a learning environment that leads to success.  The parent, teacher and child form a respectful partnership in learning.   In the lessons the parent is asked to take notes about what is being learned and the specific achievable goals to work toward at home during the week.   The key to successful practicing at home is to approach complex tasks as a series of small achievable steps, and to use repetition games to help master each step.   Celebrating each small step with your child leads to celebrating big accomplishments.
Learning to speak a language from a grammar book without ever hearing the language is nearly impossible.  Children face similar struggles and frustrations when they try to play without hearing a good performance or recording of the music they're trying to create.   All Suzuki guitar music is available on CD, and frequent listening to the recordings of the music helps guide the learning process.
Children learn to speak words before they learn to read.  The Suzuki approach delays reading music until the student is comfortable with the instrument and can play several pieces by ear.   Then students begin learning how to become good readers of music. 
After learning new words we continue to use them while adding additional words to our vocabulary.  As students learn new pieces of music, they are encouraged to review and continue to improve their previously learned pieces.   Regular participation in group or ensemble classes (in addition to the weekly individual lessons) provides opportunities for students to share what they are learning and to be motivated by each other's progress.
Developing good habits begins at the first lesson, with complex tasks broken into small manageable steps.  
The Suzuki approach applies the same principles that accomplished professional musicians use every day, but incorporates them into the learning process from the beginning of lessons.

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