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Resource List for Additional Information and Supplies
1. Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA):
2. Young Musicians:
3. Music in Motion:
4. Acoustic Guitar Magazine – A variety of guitar styles are featured.  This magazine includes the written music for advanced students and videos are available on their website . 
Recommended Reading List
1. How to Get Your Child to Practice…Without Resorting to Violence, by Cynthia Richards, Illustrated by Jane Dalley. Published by Advance Arts & Music, ISBN 0-9729396-1-X
2. The American Suzuki Journal, a benefit of membership in SAA, $60 per year.
Everyone has different ways of explaining information. Several of my registered Suzuki Guitar Instructor colleagues maintain websites, and each one explains the Suzuki learning process in their own way. Here are some of their websites:

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