Guitar Lessons in Hickory, NC - children and adults

Hickory Guitar Studio

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Hickory, NC


          Instruction by Fred McKinney
Learning to play an instrument well benefits children in many ways:  increased confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and developing a better understanding of the relationship between consistent small steps toward goals and success in achieving them.   Music is fun and great for your brain!  Studies have consistently shown positive effects on brain development in young children who play a musical instrument.  Students who develop proficiency on a musical instrument tend to be high achievers in their schoolwork.   Investing in music lessons is helping your child to develop their potential.
My goal is to make learning guitar an enjoyable experience for children, their parents, and youth through adult students.   I teach children using the proven Suzuki approach to learning.   For children a parent attends all lessons and learns how to help guide their child's practice sessions at home.   For youth and adult students I provide a more customized approach to building a solid foundation of guitar skills while helping the student reach their specific goals.
In addition to weekly private lessons, students are encouraged to participate in small group or ensemble classes where they can play with other students.
After browsing my website please give me a call and I will be happy to answer questions or set up an appointment for you to visit my studio.
                                                                                                                 Fred R. McKinney
Adult students are welcome in my studio:  For adult or advanced students I offer: basic and advanced guitar skills, accompaniment of Celtic tunes using DADGAD tuning, chord construction, and an introduction to folk, jazz, blues or classic rock.